Do you have questions about your residential project? Ask an Architect is for you if you..
» Need advice about your design
» Want to prepare for your search for an architect
» Need help choosing the right contractor

Ask an Architect

Design Help Line

Designing isn’t an easy task- even if you have 20 years of experience having another set of eyes on a design problem is always helpful. I’ve been working on residential projects since 1996 and I still love the challenge of a design problem. As I drive around I often notice inadvisable architectural moves and I shake my head. Someone could have used some advice! Do you need to hire an architect for your project? No, but you can banish trepidation and doubt after a brainstorming session with someone who has been there hundreds of times before.


Single design consultation

You’ve got an issue with your project that you’d like to discuss for an hour. Send your information about your problem ahead of the meeting so we can make the most of our time together, then we’ll spend an hour brainstorming and examining solutions.

$250 per session
Discounted additional hours

Weekly coaching package

You’d like to devote time to your design project in an organized, private lesson format. We arrange an hour to meet on a weekly basis during which I review and assess your progress, helping you through the design process. This option also includes unlimited email and voxer contact between sessions. This option creates a structure and accountability so the project will keep moving.

5 weeks $1000 | 10 weeks $2000

Monthly retainer

You want a coach standing by to help with your design issues at any time. This option includes up to 5 hours of zoom meetings a month along with unlimited email and voxer contact and priority service. Dive into your project- or projects- with confidence knowing you’ve got help at your fingertips.

$1000 per month
Additional zoom hours billed at $190 per hour
Limited subscriptions

Three step process

• Schedule a 15-minute conversation to understand if Ask an Architect is right for you and fill out the Application below.
• Send supporting documentation ahead of your zoom call to get the most out of the session, including any photographs, sketches drawings or written documentation that you have about your issue.
• During the one-hour zoom session we will discuss your issue and outline options, solutions, and next steps, allowing you to move forward with your project with confidence.


Payment for services is requested ahead of the session. Once your check or Venmo (@Katharine-MacPhail) payment is received you will be contacted to schedule your session. Alternatively, you can submit payment and book your session using this link:

Do you need live help, on site?

Download my flyer with all the details for on-site design help. Ready to get started?