Architects are for everyone

Even if you are designing yourself?  Yes, maybe especially then. Having the ability to call someone for a quick meeting could make the difference between moving forward and stalling a project.  Between sleeping at night and staring at the ceiling. 

staring at the ceiling

Often, people feel indecisive, frustrated, insecure, and overwhelmed when they are planning and designing their home renovation, fearful of losing money, regretting their decisions, and worrying about their reputations if they make a mistake.  

We help guide you through the process and bolster your confidence so that you can feel the personal satisfaction, admiration of friends and family, and pride in seeing your project come to fruition.

personal satisfaction.

You’ve been working on planning and designing your project but something isn’t quite right. You need a second opinion or a sounding board, someone who can understand the issue and lead you in the right direction. I’m an architect whose mission is to help homeowners understand and complete residential projects, and as a person who likes to learn and do everything myself, I understand the frustration of tackling projects and hitting a block. The Ask an Architect design help line offers guidance from an experienced architect to help solve your problem, and you might be surprised how much can be accomplished during an hour long design session. Without a bit of a boost you may not be able to move forward or you’ll wonder if you made the right choice. After a call to the Ask an Architect design help line you will have the confidence to move forward and know that you’ve made an informed decision.

how it works

Three step process

  1. Call us for a 15 minute conversation to understand if the design help line is right for you.  

2. Send supporting documentation ahead of your zoom call to get the  most out of the session, including any photographs, sketches, drawings or written documentation that you have about your issue.

3. During the one hour zoom session we will discuss your issue and outline options, solutions and next steps, allowing youth move forward with your project with confidence. 

Single Design Consultation

You’ve got an issue with your project that you’d like to discuss for an hour. Send your information about your problem ahead of the meeting so we can make the most of our time together, then we’ll spend an hour brainstorming and examining solutions.

Weekly Coaching Package

You’d like to devote time to your design project in an organized, private lesson format. We arrange an hour to meet on a weekly basis during which I review and assess your progress, helping you through the design process. This option also includes unlimited email and Voxer contact. This option creates a structure and accountability so the project will keep moving.

Monthly Retainer

You want a coach standing by to help with your design issues at any time. This option includes 5 zoom meetings a month along with unlimited email and Voxer contact. Dive into your project- or projects- with confidence knowing you’ve got help at your fingertips.

Many homeowners struggle with design issues when renovating and have difficulty making decisions because they are afraid of regretting their choices. That’s why I’ve dedicated myself to helping clients examine their possibilities and move their projects forward with confidence.

on the phone

A self described "design junkie" is rebuilding on the foundation of a ranch house and has a few questions about stairs, rooflines, stylistic choices and code issues.  She wants to be the lead designer, and just needs a bit of help here and there.  She will call once a week for a review until she has arrived at a final design. 

troubled by shoes

A mother in Ontario struggled with the chaos of her family’s bags and shoes piling up in her narrow entry hall and couldn’t see how she could make space for some storage, she was so frustrated by the situation that she was thinking of selling her house. I looked at the plan of her house, talked to her about her family’s lifestyle, and found an easy solution to her issue by carving space out of the garage on one quick zoom call.

Thinking stairs

A father with high-risk health issues needed to carve out space for himself in his house where he could live apart from his active family during this pandemic. The space had to include a sink, dishwasher, refrigerator, and needed to be code compliant, but with the sloping ceilings and jogging walls in his attic, he wasn’t sure how he could achieve his goals. He sent drawings and photos ahead of time, then in an hour-long session, we examined the space over zoom and looked at the attic as a whole, ultimately finding several possibilities and weighing the costs and benefits of each. The road ahead was cleared for him and he looks forward to living at home in a safe haven.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who am I going to be talking to when I call?

You’ll be on a zoom call with me personally. I have worked through hundreds of residential design issues over the last 24 years, which has given me the ability to identify and solve issues quickly.

I’ve been trying to figure this out for weeks, how will on hour online help me? Is that enough time?

What I offer is a fresh set of eyes on your problem and my years of experience in working out residential plans. Seeing solutions is what I am trained to do.

Will you draw up my plans for me?

The single call does not include drafting or full design services. I can help you find someone to do your plans.


Will you help me choose a contractor?

After getting to know you and them a little I can help match you with a contractor who would suit your needs. I can also help to compare estimates from contractors if you are at that stage.

I’m trying to decide which architects I should hire for my project, could you help me with that?

I’d be happy to take a look at any information you have, listen to your design issues, and help you choose among several architects you’ve been considering.


I really don’t know where to start with what I want to do, I need help but I don’t have anything to show you.

Send photos of your house, or even just the marketing listing. We can look at the photos of your house while I help you outline the steps you’ll need to take to get your project underway.