Let our expertise make your vision a reality. 

Our specialty is additions and renovations to existing homes.  Many of our projects are in densely populated areas where there may be little room to expand and creativity is needed to achieve your goals in the space available. 

Our full services include:

Predesign: Zoning and code research, measuring and documenting existing conditions

Schematic Design: Exploring options, usually in 2-4 alternatives

Design Development- choosing one design and adding information about finishes, structural details, systems, creating written specifications.

Bidding and Negotiation: Help with gathering prices from contractors, negotiating a contract

Construction Documents: Taking all the information above and creating a set for obtaining a permit and for construction.

Construction Administration: Site visits during construction, available for problem solving

We offer three levels of service to meet your needs. 

2017 cottage front elevation

Basic Services

  • This tier provides the bare-bones of service for the cost-conscious to design their project.  This tier will cover all your basic project design needs and allows you to be more involved in the overall process.

Full Services

  • The mid-tier service level provides many of the benefits of our Comprehensive Services minus several VIP options.  It is more than adequate for the customer who knows what they want, and doesn't require help developing their vision.

Comprehensive Services

  • This is the highest level requiring the least amount of personal involvement.  At this level, we handle all the things you don't want to or didn't even know you needed. Plus we include many exciting models and conceptual diagrams to help you see the finished project.

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