Full Services

My clients live in the dense suburbs of Boston where space is at a premium, and so are the prices.  You may have been looking for a new house but in this market have decided to stay where you are and expand since you love your house and the neighborhood.  You want to invest in your property while increasing its value.  You’re busy with your life and want a professional to take you through the process.  With me at your side, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel.  

I can help you build the team that will take your project from concept to reality.  I do recommend that you secure a contractor early on in the process so they can be part of the team as we develop the plan for the renovation.  Every design project includes environmentally friendly elements.  This could include design strategies, construction methods and techniques, incorporating low carbon footprint materials and specifying energy saving/producing appliances and systems. 


People ask me all the time to describe my favorite projects- the feeling of leaving a house strong, beautiful, healthy and happy is one that feeds my spirit.

If you feel I’d be a good fit for you and your project, please fill out the questionnaire.

The process- usually 6 to 9 months from inquiry to beginning of construction

1. Set up an initial phone or zoom call to discuss your project and how I could help you. 

2.  We have a design brainstorming meeting, either with our without a report (.  This meeting will help us sort out your options and will be a limited commitment consultation, giving us both a good idea of whether we would like to work together for the duration of the project. 

3. After the brainstorming meeting where we will determine what would be feasible to explore, I will write up a fee and schedule proposal for the full scope of work. 

4.  If you accept the proposal then I will send a letter of agreement and terms and conditions for your review. 

5.  Once the contract is signed,  a project start date established and the onboarding will begin. 

6.  Information about your property and house will be gathered, the house will be measured and made into a computer model that I will use as a design base and for construction documents. 

7.  Based on information gained in our initial brainstorming meeting, I will present a few variations of design approaches to you and we will have a collaborative design meeting to work out the various options.   We may have three to four of these design meetings before a final scheme is determined.  

8.  Once a design is chosen and approved, we start working on the details- materials, structural system, specific finishes, etc.  The written specifications are started at this time and the design is refined.  

9.  Pricing documents are completed and the contractor will begin his process of gathering bids from subcontractors.  This step can take 4 to 6 weeks. 

10.  Based on the price, the design might be modified in some way and then the permit/construction documents will be completed.  

11.  The contractor applies for the permit from the local building department.  Permitting can take up to 8 weeks.

12.  Construction begins.  I help with issues that arise during construction and can run weekly site meetings if desired.  

13.  Your project is complete and you move back in to your expanded home.

Others who may be included on the team, and I can help connect you to the appropriate people:


Structural Engineer


Interior Designer

Lighting design consultant

I can manage these relationships that are typically contracted directly with the homeowner. 

Our full services include:

Predesign: Zoning and code research, measuring and documenting existing conditions

Schematic Design: Exploring options, usually in 2-4 alternatives

Design Development: choosing one design and adding information about finishes, structural details, systems, creating written specifications.

Bidding and Negotiation: Help with gathering prices from contractors, negotiating a contract

Construction Documents: Taking all the information above and creating a set for obtaining a permit and for construction.

Construction Administration: Site visits during construction, available for problem-solving

Blueprint of a cottage