Getting started

The very first step is to set up a phone interview.  During this interview, we will get to know each other a bit, talk about your project, your goals, your previous experience with design and construction projects, my experience and methods, etc.  Click here to schedule a call.

A different approach 

We've broken out the first part of the design process and call it the Project Kickoff- fact-finding and brainstorming session.   During this review, we research and document the zoning situation at your property, spend 2-3 hours on-site with you working out all of your options (most likely including sketches of the best ideas), determine your scope of work and full program, give a reality check on the budget and write it all up in a report that includes a proposal for full services for the project, if appropriate.  This information can be used by any architect or designer moving forward.

project kickoff booking form

Who would benefit from a Project Kickoff- fact finding and brainstorming session?

  • You are just beginning to think about renovating your home and don't know where to start
  • You have been thinking about a few design options and need help determining the best approach
  • You aren't ready to commit to an architect or design-build firm for the full services because you won't be starting your project for a few years