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At dEmios Architects, our mission is to help people with their home renovations and additions.  We do this through traditional architectural services, design consultation, home renovation coaching packages, our podcast Talking Home Renovations with the House Maven, and through Home Renovation zoom classes.  At the moment we are offering all of our services online, mostly via zoom.

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Are you planning a renovation and interested in keeping the environment in mind?


Sorting through all the information out there about environmentally friendly practices can be overwhelming. In this guide your options are laid out for you along with links to relevant articles.

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I hope this helps get the conversation started. This is intended to be an ever-evolving document, please send me feedback, questions and suggestions.

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Art and Community

Return of dEmios as a community space- reimagined

Back in the early 2000s, we had a storefront in Cushing Square, Belmont MA.  We hosted art shows, readings, installations, a bus stop design competition.  We loved being part of the community and exploring ideas publicly.  When we left that space, we lost that connection. The silver lining in this present crisis is that we are all far more open to the possibilities of virtual connection than we were even one month ago.  For now, we will need to meet online, in the future we could continue with in-person events in local venues.  The possibilities are endless,  but we are beginning with the following:

Talking Art with Sam White

Wednesday, July 15, 7:30 to 8:30 PM Eastern

Come hear Sam White discuss his very interesting career and current work as a muralist.  In his words: "My murals approach their subjects through a graphic and often geometric stylethat harkens to my lost 8 bit youth. I like the restraint of the 8 bit language. I initially discoveredit in my own work as a means to paint sea monsters, because I was drawn to the tension of rendering large fluid animals through a rigid rectilinear style. More recently, I've trainedthis method on other subjects, landscapes and seascapes and have loosened the stylistic reins bit.

I'm a commercial artist and all of my murals are client commissions. I free-hand almost all of my mural work,usually painting a base coat background and then drawing in the forms with chalk. I more or less exclusively use c2 latex paints, which are pigment rich, though I also sometimes use spray paint and fluorescent stage paint. My murals can be found in and around Providence, Boston, and Worcester."

Reading with Architects

First meeting: Tuesday, April 28, 7:30 PM ET

First book- the Not So Big House by Sarah Susanka.

I've had this book for over 20 years and still haven't read it cover to cover.  I'd love to discuss it with others as I do so.  We will be reading the book in sections, meeting every other Tuesday evening starting on April 28. To join us, sign up here.

We are starting a second book in September- do you have a recommendation?


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